Fitness Room

Are you looking for a Fitness Room for quality training during your visit to Zagreb?

One of the problems encountered by sports enthusiasts when they are on a business trip is- the lack of adequate fitness rooms where they can train. If you want to stay in shape and continue working out during a business trip you need a quality fitness room.

Within the International Business Hotel, there is a modern Fitness Room, in which a high-quality workout is possible. It is equipped with modern exercise equipment and provides you with all the conditions to do the exercises you enjoy. Do not neglect your healthy habits because of a business trip - choose a hotel with a fitness room and stay in top shape.

What does the hotel fitness room offer?

  • top quality exercise equipment
  • air-conditioned training area
  • training before and after business commitments
  • modern recreational and athletic conditions
  • motivating music
Quality Equipment

Train on top-of-the-range equipment

The quality of a workout depends mostly on personal motivation, but also on the quality of equipment in the fitness room. And while we can hardly influence your motivation, we can guarantee that you will train with the highest quality equipment on the market at the International Business Hotel's Fitness Room.


Enjoy the air-conditioned space

For the ultimate training experience, it is essential that the space in which the fitness room is located is adequately prepared. The Fitness Room in our hotel is air-conditioned, and you will perform planned exercises more comfortably at an appropriate temperature.


Relax after your business commitments

Although the primary task of working out is to stay in shape, there are many other benefits for your health.
Training should help you release the stress you have accumulated throughout the day - and will help you relax and recharge with positive energy. You can train before and after your business commitments. We are convinced that you will enjoy the training, no matter what time of day you visit our Fitness Room at.

Do you want to work out during a business trip to Zagreb?

The Fitness Room can be used by all guests of the International Business Hotel, and it is entirely free of charge. In case you are looking for quality and luxurious accommodation during business meetings in the city of Zagreb, the International Business Hotel’s Single and Double Rooms are the perfect choice.
Book a room today and stay in shape during a business trip.