Meeting Room Gradec

Looking for a place in Zagreb where you can have a meeting with your associates and clients in privacy?

Zagreb is a tourist city, but also a business center of Croatia. Many entrepreneurs hold business meetings and reach agreements regarding important projects in the capital of Croatia. If you are looking for a quality and luxurious meeting room in Zagreb The International Business Hotel has the solution for you.

There is one meeting room within the hotel which can accommodate up to 8 people. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-video equipment and luxurious furnishing, so that the meeting location can impress your associates and customers. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the modernly equipped meeting room and take a new step forward for your business.

Why choose a meeting room at the International Business Hotel?

  • capacity up to 8 people
  • secured free wireless internet
  • use of cafés at the break time
  • modernly equipment for outstanding results
  • luxurious environment and furniture
  • organizing breaks for coffee, lunches and banquets

A comfortable room for organizing meetings

The meeting room is a part of the luxuriously equipped International Business Hotel and it and is a great place to rent when negotiating new business collaborations.
By using this luxury meeting room, you will impress your business associates and clients. The room is suitable for smaller meetings and arranging new business partnerships.


Technology as a precondition for success

Modern audio-video technology placed in the meeting room will provide you with all the necessary conditions to make your meetings successful. Prepare your presentation, charts, or video material, and show your clients, partners or potential investors why you are worth investing in. The hotel is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi so you will have a secure internet access during your meeting.


Coffee or lunch breaks

Near the meeting room, you will find the Tesla Restaurant where our Chef prepares top dishes. Surprise your associates and customers with a delicious lunch and leave a good impression.

If you’re planning several short breaks during your meeting, your clients will have the Viceroy Lounge Bar at their disposal, a place for coffee or other drinks.

Do you need a meeting room in Zagreb?

If you want to hold a business meeting with your associates and clients in Zagreb, the meeting room Gradec is a great choice. Elegantly decorated room equipped with state-of-the-art technology will provide everything you need to organize quality and successful meetings.

Book a meeting room today and impress your associates and clients.

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