Penkala Congress Hall

Do you need a congress hall in Zagreb to hold a conference or a business event?

Looking for a perfect location for a seminar or conference in Zagreb? The International Business Hotel offers its large Penkala Congress Hall, where you can accommodate up to 120 people. The hall is equipped with modern audio-video equipment and will provide you with all the conditions to organize a successful seminar or conference.

The Penkala Congress Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and fast Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling participants of your event to get the maximum of your presented lectures. In addition to the spacious hall, within the hotel itself, there is a restaurant and a café, so your visitors can enjoy the breaks between the lectures.

What does Penkala Congress Hall offer?

  • space for more than 120 people
  • free high-speed wireless internet
  • the use of cafés at break time
  • modern audio-video equipment
  • luxurious event holding environment
  • organizing breaks for coffee, lunches, and banquets

A spacious congress hall

The Penkala Congress Hall extends to almost 150 square meters and provides enough space to organize successful conferences and seminars.
Because of its spaciousness, visitors to the event will have enough space and comfort - they will be thrilled with the space at which the event will take place. The hall can accommodate up to 120 people, which is sufficient for mid-sized events.


Modern technology for simple event organization

The luxuriously equipped International Business Hotel Zagreb ensures that you have everything you need for easy event organization. The latest equipment will provide you with all the technical conditions for a successful presentation of ideas.
The International Business hotel provides you with a fast Wi-Fi connection, so everyone in the hall has access to the Internet at any moment.


Coffee break and lunch organization

If you want to keep event visitors’ attention, it's essential that you provide a brief pause every hour, so that theevent visitors can refresh themselves. During the break, visitors can go to the Viceroy Lounge Bar and order coffee or other drinks as desired.
In case you want to arrange a lunch break, there is the Tesla Restaurant where excellent chefs will prepare delicious dishes that will delight your event participants.

Want to hold your private conference or seminar in Zagreb?

If you would like to organize a conference or seminar in Zagreb, and you need a location to hold your events the Penkala Congress Hall is the right place for you. Book the hall today and organize a successful and memorable event, which participants will remember for a long time.

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