Privacy Policy

The general provision on the protection of personal data has globally influenced awareness of the importance and care of personal data and how they are handled, and has given us the reason to place our standards and their interpretation on a higher level and present it to the user in a simple and direct way.

Below we inform you about the purposes for which we collect and use your personal information and how you can monitor and enforce these rights.

Data processing is led by:
International Business Hotel d.o.o.
Miroslava Miholića 2, Zagreb, Croatia

What information do we have about you?

Personal Dana or information shall indicate all information about the individuals by which the person can be identified. Depending on the situation, we may collect different kinds of personal information about you, including:

  • your general identification data (name and surname, gender);

  • your contact details (e-mail, phone number);

  • a photo or video;

  • data about activities/interactions with us, including potential future interactions;

  • demographic and interest data.

For what purpose do we use your personal information and why is that justified?

We will process your personal data if we have the appropriate legal basis for this purpose and if:

  • We have received prior consent from you,

  • Processing is necessary to meet your contractual obligations or take pre-contractual steps at your request,

  • processing is necessary to act in accordance with our rights or legal obligations; or

  • Processing is necessary to achieve our legitimate interest and does not affect excessively your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

Please keep in mind that when processing data on the above basis we always strive to maintain a balance between our legitimate reason and the protection of your personal data.

We always process your personal data for the purpose stated and process only those personal information relevant to achieving that purpose.i obrađujemo samo one osobne podatke koji su relevantni za postizanje te svrhe.

Where do we collect your personal information?

We collect your personal information during:

  • use of our website;

  • reservation of accommodation (reservation via web site, e-mail or phone);

  • completion of the accommodation contract - application at the hotel reception;

  • performing transactions in our exchange office;

  • use of services at the hotel bar;

  • newsletter subscription on our web site;

  • in places that are covered by video surveillance.

Web site

We use Google Analytics to collect traffic information and analyze visitors on our website. When collecting information, we do not collect any personal information about you. If you give us consent for demographic and interest tracking and remarketing, the information Google has about you will be forwarded to us within the summary report on our site. By selecting remarketing, you allow Google to serve ads according to your interests.

Read more here:

Embedded content from other websites

In some parts of our website there are content that we have embedded from the code with other websites. Access to this content takes place in the same way as if you have accessed the site where it was set up, so you can download the cookies that you would otherwise download through visiting this site.

Typical embedded content is content from pages that share videos, images, etc. These pages can collect your IP address, browser information, and operating system, store and download cookies to your browser, incorporate interaction tracking with embedded content, including link interaction with your account at that service, if you're signed in at that time.

Privacy policy for Facebook:


The cookies are information sets that a site visits or acceptance sites are stored on your browser, and which browser delivers to the site during the next visit.

We use cookies to track our visitors, but the services that are embedded in our site also use cookies. In order to use these services, you must enable the acceptance of these cookies, and if you want to remove them from the browser, here are links to the cookie removal instructions:

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We kindly warn that removing cookies may reduce the functionality of the site, which is why your user experience may be at a lower level.

Contact form and e-mail

We use Microsoft Outlook to process all internal e-mails and communication with our clients.

Privacy policy for Microsoft:

When we receive your e-mail we will receive your email address, IP address, and the information you have provided us in the contact form or message. We keep the e-mail communication in our database only when it is necessary, ie until the communication ends or no contractual obligation is made in terms of booking.


In order to send a newsletter, as well as to manage the recipient lists and the logbook, we use the MailChimp platform and take all necessary data protection measures in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Croatian laws and regulations.

Each newsletter has a link to modify the data, consent you have given us or submit your request to delete your contact from the list.

Privacy Policy for MailChimp: Policy.

Online reservation of accommodation

You can make reservations in our hotel through third-party services (online booking, agencies). In that case, the personal information you provided will be forwarded to us and stored in our system.

On our website you have the option to book accommodation via the Busy Rooms web site, As our partner, Busy Rooms Limited, Skyway Offices, 177/8 Marina Street, Pieta 9042, Malta is committed to keeping your personal information in accordance with the highest technological standards and valid regulations. Accordingly, your personal information will not be transferred to third parties, they are solely for the purpose of booking accommodation and communicating with you.

The information you enter in the form will be encrypted and protected and stored in our system. The data we collect on this occasion is:

  • name and surname

  • e-mail address

  • telephone number

  • address

  • the names and surnames of your companions

  • expected arrival date

  • method of payment

Without your consent, your personal information will not be kept longer than the expiration of the contractual obligation and the obligations provided by the law.

Agreement on accommodation

The personal data you have to provide us to provide accommodation services, the International Business Hotel as a processing manager, is kept for the purpose of fulfilling the accommodation contract and fulfilling the legal obligations.

The personal information we collect when you arrive at the hotel are:

  • name and surname

  • Residence address (for Croatian citizens)

  • e-mail address

  • telephone number

  • date of birth

  • the number and kind of identification document and the place of issue

  • citizenship

  • the date of arrival and departure

  • gender

  • the names and surnames of your companions

The above information is kept at its base and sent to the E-visitor system (electronic registration system) to the competent authorities of the Republic of Croatia. All invoices issued to guests, together with personal information, are required to be kept for 11 years in accordance with statutory regulations.

Other information regarding the circumstances of your stay (eg with whom you are traveling, marital status, number of children, pets, interests, etc.) will be collected if they have a direct relationship with the provision of accommodation and will be deleted after your departure from the hotel.

Currency Exchange Services

When using currency exchange services, and in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance Prevention Act, we will take your personal information, keep it and, if necessary, forward it to the competent authorities.

Personal information we collect:

  • name and surname

  • address

  • the number and kind of identification document and the place of issue

For Exchange Services, we use the Casarum application developed by Casarum ltd from Umag, Croatia, that is committed to keeping your personal information in accordance with the highest technology standards and applicable regulations. Accordingly, your personal information will not be transferred to third parties, they serve exclusively for the purpose of exchange transactions.

Hotel bar service

If you want to charge a hotel room for a hotel bar payment you will be collected personal information.

  • Personal information we collect:
    name and surname

Your personal information is processed in the Remaris application, developed by Integrirani poslovni sustavi ltd from Oroslavje, Croatia, which is committed to keeping your personal information in accordance with the highest technical standards and applicable regulations. Accordingly, your personal information will not be transferred to third parties, they are solely for the purpose of billing the hotel bar service.

Video surveillance system

International Business Hotel has a legitimate interest in implementing video surveillance measures for the hotel's common premises to protect property and people. Areas under video surveillance are flagged in the prescribed manner.

We understand that the videos contain personal information of all the people who have been captured and are watching them with special care and that we have internal security policies that regulate how to keep and delete videos.

Videos are dubbed regularly so they are automatically deleted after 30 days of recording. Exceptionally, videos are kept longer if the evidence is in the proceedings before the competent state bodies. Except video will be stored in a centralized messaging system with exceptionally limited access.

Children and juveniles

This website is intended for adults, so it does not want and does not intend to collect personal information of children. Therefore, we recommend all underage visitors under the age of 16 not to reveal or enter any personal information in our service. If we find that a minor has entered some personal information, we will remove them in accordance with the technical possibilities.

Who do we share your personal information with?

During our business, your personal information may be accessed or forwarded to the following categories of recipients by the principle only those who need to know:

  • our partners;

  • physical and legal persons (to third parties) - processing executives; and

  • employees.

The level of sharing of your data with each one depends on the specific purpose of processing.

All our processors have the same or more security standards as we do. Where we needed it, and to further increase the level of protection of your personal data, we signed a Data Processing Agreement with processing executives.

The above-mentioned third parties are obliged to keep the confidentiality and security of your personal information in accordance with the applicable law.

Your personal information may also be accessed or forwarded to any national and / or international regulatory, executive or public body or court where we are obliged to do so by law or regulation or at their request.

If at any time you need to transfer your personal information to third parties for reasons that were not initially collected or your consent was subsequently obtained, we will allow you to make a statement about your choice.

How do we protect your personal information?

We have implemented the appropriate technical and organizational measures to provide the level of security and confidentiality of your personal information.

SSL certificate guarantees the security of our site by encrypting data, which is transmitted from your device to our server.

Our third-party IT systems and systems are protected against unauthorized access, modification or dissemination of your data as well as loss or deletion by technical and organizational measures.

Our employees are educated for the proper handling and retention of personal information.

How long have do we keep your personal information?

The personal information we collect based on the law is required to keep as long as the law or regulation is determined. The information we collect for the purpose of achieving a legitimate interest will be stored in our records for a period of 3 years after your last interaction with us, unless otherwise indicated. Any other information we collect based on your privacy (eg cell phone number, number of children, marital status, pets, interests) will be kept at the guest base for the period specified in the deposit you have given us.

What are your rights and how can you do them?

We provide you with the following rights:

- The right to access (information about the scope and type) of your data

- First of all the correction (refers to the data you have provided)

- Right to forget

- The right to complain about the use of personal data

- The right to transferability, ie the right to retrieve personal data or to forward them to the person of your choice, in a structured, machine-readable form, without any obstacles on our part.

Right to access

You have the right to information about your personal information we keep and keep in memory. If you are a legal guardian of a user, you also have the right to information about the personal data of the person you are a legal guardian.

Right to fix

You have the right to correct any inaccurate personal data that you are subject to, which we will perform within a reasonable time.

Right to delete (right to forget)

You have the right to anonymize your personal information without unnecessary delay if there is no legitimate reason for further processing of this information (for example, if the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed). If such a legitimate reason exists, we will inform you in detail in response to your request for deletion.

The right to complain about the use of personal data

If the processing of your personal information is based on the realization of our legitimate interests, you have the right at any time to object to such processing of personal data to the extent that processing relates to your data. In the event that we prove that there are convincing legitimate and legitimate reasons for processing that go beyond your interests, rights and freedoms or if it is necessary to set up, enforce, or defend our legal requirements, your complaint will not be respected.

Right to portability

You have the right to obtain the personal information you provided us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and transfer them to another handler without any obstruction on our part.

You can submit your request to the e-mail address:

How will you be notified of changes to our Privacy Policy?

Any future changes to the processing of your personal information will be communicated in advance through separate notices on this web site.

If you have further questions regarding the processing of your personal information, we invite you to contact us:

International Business Hotel d.o.o.
Miroslava Miholića 2, Zagreb, Croatia